Why the Future of Sex Toys Is Non-Binary

The days of one size fits all are long gone. At least when it pertains to sex toys. One reason for this is due to how many choices people have these days when it comes to sexual gadgets. Another is because every individual has different taste when it comes to sizes. With all of that in mind, adult toy makers are aware of the non-binary cultural differences. As a result, new toys are being manufactured without being geared towards one particular function or form.

Although you still have many of the sex toys being made in pink color, new ones are being added daily. More importantly though, their shapes, sizes and functions are also being altered. Some have rotating beads located in the shaft. Others resemble a real penis in more ways than one. Instead of making a one big size penis dildo, they are manufacturing several sizes. Companies realize that some women may not have ever tried using a dildo before. As a result, they may not be willing to stick a big giant one right away.

Additionally, not all the sex toys being manufactured are geared only towards women any more. There are male masturbators, pumps and rings created for the male generation. While it took a while for companies to react, they have been moving towards the new age. Advancement in technology is also playing a huge role in how these sex toys are created. What they can do today is far greater than those in the past. Some have extra features and moving parts. This includes more than one speed and rotating heads for hard to reach places. Others are teledildonic and interactive. You also have those that can be used together with VR headsets.

The future is changing rapidly and as a result, so are the sex toys people use to masturbate.

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